Why join Anytime Healthcare Practitioner?

Simple and easy to join

Our app makes booking easy. No need to give detailed information anymore to get new clients, simply tell them you are on the app and to let others know and they will find you easy! Receive real time notifications and emails to confirm bookings, give you customer information including previous treatments and location.


With inbuilt geolocation, electronic health record and video/chat functionalities working life is easy and simple. Use video or chat consultations to discuss the home visit or even offer remote expert advice and get paid what you deserve.

Save setup costs

Using our app to provide services at home enables you to setup shop from the place of your choice.  Setup clinic or salon at your home office, travel to people's homes in your locality or simply provide expert opinions via video and chat consultations.  This potentially means no rent to cover clinic costs, no costs in having to setup your own website, flyers or other marketing material and no need to get phone lines or expensive receptionists to answer your calls!

Set your own prices

You and solely you decide how much your time is worth.  Take advantage of choosing what services you want to provide, whether it is a home visit, expert advice over phone or video call or even working from your own clinic. 

Work when you want

You control your schedule, after all you are working for yourself!  Our easy to use schedule setter allows you to choose times at any point of the day or night and even set it for the week or month.

Work where you want

You choose the area you want to cover according to your location.  You can even connect your own clinic to enable customers to find you and book you easily via the app

Work with the best

All services like yours are vetted to ensure they love what they do and want to provide provide top level service in a conveinint way.  We open up options for you to receive the resources from the best companies around.

Easy startup

If you are thinking of starting on your own, get setup quickly and easily and start receiving clients instantly.  Alternatively, make some extra money after work or weekends!

Maximise your earnings

 As an existing business, be marketed to thousands customers in your area looking for services every month to surpass your current bookings.

Make history

Join us in changing the way that people receive services in UK in a 5 star way.  Even take advantage of a local 5 star treatment yourself as a reward!