What are the benefits of  
Anytime Healthcare?


Exclusive discounts

The service providers in our network offer exclusive discounts for using their services via our app.  Get more for your money from the best health, beauty and lifestyle providers in your area.

You will also receive exclusive discounts to health, lifestyle and beauty products by being a member!

Home delivery of Prescriptions


We go the extra mile for your convenience.  We have even signed up pharmacy partners who make it simple and easy for the doctors and specialists to issue you a prescription to be delivered directly to your door.

Electronic health record


Our founders are doctors working in the NHS who are interested in innovation.  We have designed the app to enable you to upload and share your medical and procedural history with health professionals whenever you want to.  Upload letters, medicine history, images or photos and be assured that all of our services are highly secure and only you will be in control over who can see your information at all times. 

Built in video & chat functionalities


We have worked hard to build an app with reliable and easy to use video calling and chat functionalities so that you can book quick, instant and easy consultations.  Take advantage of these for pay as you go and convenient care from your home, work or travel at a time convienient to you.  We are consistently updating this technology all the time so that you can have the best resources available when it comes to convenient care.

Schedule clinic appointments

We think all care should be conveninent.  Sometimes it is nice to visit somewhere to receive a service, but booking it should be easy and convenient.  Hence, we are recruiting clinics in your area to register onto our app so that you can easily book your next appointment easily and quickly with the touch of a button instead of waiting on the phone to get through.