About us

Who are we?

Our founders are NHS doctors who have previously worked in innovative fields within the community, which have bettered the lives of many people in their areas. 

Anytime Healthcare is a vision started by 2 doctors following feedback from their patients, relatives and colleagues.  With waiting times ever increasing, we have envisioned to create easy, accessible and home based care at the touch of a button.  Our team has grew; adding experts in technology, previous health projects and medicine delivery to build the first version of our app to connect you to service providers in your area who are keen on providing you convenient care in your home at affordable rates and even discounts!

As we have started this project following feedback, we are keen to continue to obtain feedback from you as well as the service providers in your area so that we can keep improving the resources we provide for you to receive the best care.  

Why are we called Anytime Healthcare?

We are called Anytime Healthcare due to our aim to enable anyone to receive any type of service, at anytime you need and at the place of your choice.  The vision began with health care, but has quickly developed to provide beauty & lifestyle services as we strongly believe that a holistic outlook keeps us feeling the healthiest.